YouTube will fight conspiracy videos with Wikipedia links

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For now, these "information cues" will appear next to videos that generate significant debate on the platform.

YouTube is stepping up its effort to fight the spread of conspiracy theories on its platform, adding information from Wikipedia to run alongside conspiracy theory videos.

We're always exploring new ways to battle misinformation on YouTube.

Do note, YouTube is the second largest search engine (next to Google) which people use to find relevant information.

She pointed to conspiracy videos about the Apollo Moon landings, "chemtrails", and those that say commercial airplanes spread chemicals for some mysterious objective.

"When there are videos that are focused around something that's a conspiracy, we will show as a companion unit next to the video information from Wikipedia", said Wojcicki.

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YouTube will determine what exactly qualifies as a conspiracy, she said, based on a list of conspiracy theories on the Internet, such as arguments that NASA faked the 1969 moon landing.

However, simply placing links to verified information alongside conspiracy clips doesn't mean that users will actually click on them.

Susan Wojcicki, speaking on stage at the South by Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas, displayed a mock-up of the new feature, which called "information cues".

In the case of the Parkland "conspiracy actors" video, YouTube ultimately removed it, though by that time it had already garnered thousands of views.

YouTube's plan to incorporate Wikipedia links certainly won't solve all these problems, or neccessarily even work, given that Wikipedia pages can be edited by the public.