Sea of Thieves The Quest

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Yeah, you read that right; Microsoft has made a decision to host an Amazing-Race-esque real-life quest with clues scattered all over the digital and physical landscapes in preparation for the launch of Sea of Thieves on March 20. However, to keep the hype alive, Xbox and Rare have revealed a pre-launch competition that's very in-keeping with the spirit of the game.

The Quest for the Golden Bananas begins on 19 March at 8am GMT, and will feature 15 cryptic clues released over three days.

First announced on the premiere episode of Inside Xbox, the Quest for the Golden Bananas is essentially a digital treasure hunt which will see teams from across six countries (UK, US, Canada, Australia, France and Germany) compete for a prize of four golden bananas worth £80,000 in total. You'll only have seven hours do this once the entry form becomes available from 9pm GMT on Wednesday, March 21st.

The first crew from each country to answer the riddles correctly will move onto the semi-finals on March 22 for one last riddle.

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If you fancy gawking at the grand prize in all its shiny glory, the golden bananas will be displayed at the National Maritime Museum's Neptune Court on March 14. Solving the 15-part riddle first in one of the eligible regions will then place your Sea of Thieves pirate crew in the running to win real-world golden bananas.

You can check out the website to enroll in the quest with your crew here.

'Due to this level of craftsmanship involved and the uniqueness of the golden bananas, we expect them to be valued at Facsimile Value of at least £20,000 per banana'.