Independent sex abuse inquiry will not fully investigate Telford scandal, MP fears

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There are allegations that two people were silenced, three were murdered and two more passed away in related tragedies.

Despite the smash being recorded at the time as a "prank" gone wrong, it later emerged she had reportedly been abused by an Asian grooming gang since she was 11.

"Being covered by the national inquiry is not adequate, Telford needs its own independent inquiry into CSE, people need to be held accountable for not acting and protecting vulnerable people and children".

Widespread sexual abuse, rape, and even murder of girls as young as 11 have stained the United Kingdom city of Telford, according to an investigation by the Mirror.

According to The Sun, one girl named Lucy Lowe was sixteen-years-old when she was killed along with her sister and her mum after her "abuser Azhar Ali Mehmood, 26, set fire to their house".

The Telford sex abuse scandal will not be fully investigated by the inquiry into child sexual abuse, the local MP has said as she called for a separate inquiry.

Telford's Conservative MP, Lucy Allan, has previously called for a Rotherham-style inquiry into the allegations and called the latest reports "extremely serious and shocking".

Besides Telford, similar high-profile cases were also reported in Rochdale and Rotherham.

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Out of 12 - mostly unconnected - victims who spoke to investigators from the Mirror, more than 70 abusers were accused.

The paper said its investigation found that social workers knew of abuse in the 1990s but police did not investigate for a decade.

The pedophile rings mostly target white children.

One anonymous victim said that Lucy's killing was to scare the other girls into keeping quiet.

In 2002, 13-year-old Becky Watson died in a auto accident in Shropshire.

In 2000, 16-year-old Lucy Lowe was murdered along with her mother and 17-year-old sister. "Girls like Becky were treated like criminals", she told the newspaper.

The Sunday Mirror claimed it had diaries that revealed her torment at being made to sleep around, while her mother, Torron, told the newspaper her daughter had been abused since the age of 11 but that police failed to properly investigate. I can't bear to think she was being groomed and wasn't able to ask for help'.

Becky had a friend who was abused by the same gang. He denied knowing anything about childhood sexual abuse in the Telford area when approached by the Mail last night, and categorically denied any involvement in such activity himself.