Dota 2 gets subscription service Dota Plus

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Described as an evolution of the Battle Pass, Dota Plus is a combination of the existing system involving the unlocking of rewards through gameplay, alongside a new Plus Assistant, created to help players make in game decisions involving item and ability suggestions.

The new subscription option rolls out today for $3.99 a month. There is a six percent and 12 percent discount if the subscription is purchased in bulk for six and 12 months respectively.

Majors Battle Passes, like this one from fall 2016, included daily and weekly challenges, new cosmetics and effects, and other themed features. In the past, these have taken the form of limited-time compendiums that centered around major Dota 2 esports tournaments, including The International and Majors. And now players, as well the hero played, will be earning experience for each match played. For the monthly price of $3.99 Dollars you can also track in-game progress, select a challenge before the game (with these challenges refreshed every two weeks), and make use of the Hero Chat Wheel, allowing you to choose phrases for your hero to say. Completing those new tasks rewards players with things like new voice line slots or the in-game currency needed to pick up Plus-exclusive items from the store.

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Perhaps the biggest addition of all in this update would be the Plus Assistant. Finally, Valve is bringing back the weekend Battle Cup tournaments, which Plus members will receive free access to. The community seems pretty divided on the new service, however, with some players going so far as to call it pay-to-win in regards to the real-time item and skill suggestions that will be provided to subscribers. Suggestions are based on hero lineups, the lane, and which abilities have already selected.

And while the scheduling is gone, some seasonal flavor will remain: Dota Plus subscribers will get "Seasonal Terrain" visual elements on the map that will be active during each season.