Apple Changes MFi Logo - Manufacturers Have 90 Days to Respond

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An MFi certification is given to Apple's external accessories manufacturers once the products meet Apple's standards in performance and quality. Specifically, the company has changed the MFi logo.

The branding has remained the same since its introduction, but could be about to change: ChargerLab has obtained a trio of illustrations Apple sent to manufacturers, along with a memo instructing them to update the logo on their packaging. Reportedly, the change in the order of products is in line with the popularity of each product.

It must be noted however that even though some MFi accessories could use the USB-C port instead of Apple's Lightning connector or micro-USB, the new specs do not necessarily suggest that Apple has plans to move away from Lightning.

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The Made for iPhone, Made for iPad, and Made for iPod logos communicate to customers that an electronic accessory has been created to connect specifically to iPhone, iPhone, or iPod, and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. Now third-party companies building things like controllers, battery packs, and speakers can use USB-C charging while still keeping Apple's stamp of approval.

They're useful additions for Apple product users, especially as the company switches more towards using USB-C - at least on its laptops.

It is worth noting that in recent year, Apple has increased the protection of its intellectual property rights.