US Figure Skaters Steal the Show

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US figure skater Adam Rippon earned a bronze medal in his Olympic debut on Monday, but his free-skating routine left some spectators wondering why he didn't place even higher than two skaters who fell during their routines.

That might have been the storyline on Adam Rippon at this Olympics, and it's not a bad hook. That I'm different, and I think on some level we all feel sort of different and when we are embraced for who we are and speaking our minds it's awesome. Rippon specifically noted Vice President Mike Pence's stances on LGBTQ issues when discussing his potential abstention from certain proceedings, specifically citing the politician's commitment to ex-gay therapy as his reason for skipping. NBC paid over $1 billion for the rights to broadcast this and all other Olympic events at the Winter Games in South Korea. "I bet my mom is proud". "Mike Pence doesn't stand for anything that I really believe in". Rippon said he wouldn't meet with someone who funded those programs like that, which have been widely discredited.

After working with United States Olympic Committee sports dietitian Susie Parker-Simmons, Rippon said he began to develop a better relationship with food - apparently she even holds nutrient-rich recipe competitions between athletes. "It's hazy, but I remember our conversation as being a 'Hey, I'm Adam Rippon!". "It was kind of overwhelming because my mom has sacrificed the most for me and she, above everyone else except myself, wanted me to make the Olympic team". If you ever have the option, come to the Olympics, it's, like, a fun time. "More than that, my mom always taught me to stand up for what I believe in and that has given my skating more goal", Adam Rippon said.

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From his amusing Instagram posts to his tongue-in-check Twitter feed, it's clear that Adam Rippon has a playful side. It has nothing to do with how I got here. And as soon as I was able to let go of those doubts, that's really when I was able to find my voice.

To all those who tweet at me saying that they "hope I fail", I have failed many times many times in my life. "I think it's giving my skating a greater goal". I've got so many messages from kids all over the country I'm getting so emotional thinking about it.