Trump Calls on Senate to Support Grassley's Immigration Bill

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- A group of U.S. Senate Republicans and Democrats promoted an immigration proposal on Wednesday to step up border security and protect young illegal immigrants, but its prospects appeared uncertain as President Donald Trump urged Congress to support a tougher measure. Two extremely hard issues - tax and immigration reform - passed by the GOP. Congress has repeatedly tried and failed to overhaul immigration policy over the past decade. The proposal would enshrine legal protections for 1.8 million young immigrants brought to the USA illegally as children but restrict legal immigration - a concession the minority party in Congress opposes.

But the White House said the "gang of six" proposal doesn't offer adequate changes and has rejected it. Durbin said the bipartisan group was still deciding if they would introduce the proposal, or something similar, as an amendment. The proposal as drafted Wednesday would extend citizenship opportunities to Dreamers, whose parents brought them to the USA illegally as children, but not their parents. In a meeting with reporters last week, Flake, who has been an outspoken voice within his own party for a moderate immigration solution, hedged his optimism about reaching a deal.

The bipartisan proposal would open the door to building at least part of a wall along the U.S. President Trump has already rolled out his four-point plan. It includes $25 billion for Trump's border wall and a ramp-up of enforcement that would increase the pace of deportations. That could pay for additional border patrol officers, fencing and electronic surveillance, among other options that have been widely discussed among lawmakers.

As fragile talks continued in the Senate in a bid to secure agreement on an immigration Bill by the end of this week, Mr Trump insisted that all "four pillars" of the White House's demands on immigration be met in the forthcoming legislation.

They proposed $25 billion to build a border wall, an end to the catch-and-release policies that free illegal immigrants into the interior of the US, new faster deportations for visitors who overstay their permits, and permanently authorizing the E-Verify system that some businesses use to check their workers' legal status.

"On immigration if people are interested in finding a long-term solution to the problem, then there ought to be a coming together between Republicans and Democrats", Thune said.

"He can veto it or he can sign it". We get back yesterday, what do the Democrats do?

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Democrats are revealing their true nature even after President Donald Trump offered them an amnesty deal, says a longtime conservative activist.

To solve the issues of immigration, all those aspects will need to be on the table, Thune said, noting 60 votes will be needed in the Senate to pass an immigration law.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who had promised earlier that what was expected to be a free-for-all immigration debate has kept a firm hand on the wheel so far.

Grassley called the expansion "pretty generous". In 2017, her state had just 95 DACA illegals of the population of 700,0000 DACA illegals nationwide.

Hilario Yanez, a man protected by the Obama-era DACA program for being brought to the USA illegally as an infant, appeared on Fox News Saturday to praise President Trump's leadership on immigration and slam Democrats for allegedly using illegal immigrants as "pawns". If immigration reform is passed, it could be a big plus as Republicans look to hold on to their majority in the House and Senate. John McCain's absence because of his brain cancer, it's unlikely the McConnell-backed proposal will receive 50 votes, rendering it dead on arrival.

"We're making real progress", Republican Senator Susan Collins tweeted after hosting coalition members in her office.