Sarah Jessica Parker Downplays Kim Cattrall Feud: 'There Is No Fight'

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The actress posted on Instagram: "I would like to thank my fans, friends, and my #SexandtheCity colleagues for the outpouring of support for myself and family over the past 72 hours". The root cause? It goes way back. Watching Sex and the City 2 was like being waterboarded with pink-ribboned horseshit. Just four days ago, Cattrall posted an Instagram caption aimed directly at her former co-star, calling her "cruel". In fact, she's never done a nude scene in her career-not even on Sex and the City.

Parker, who portrayed Carrie Bradshaw in the romantic comedy series, added that she would never "want to mess" with that experience, or have another actress take on Cattrall's beloved role of Samantha Jones. Cattrall's Instagram makes it quite clear where her feelings stand regarding the media's portrayal of her. When you're doing press, you're asked the same questions about what's going on.

Sex and the City's first film.

The drama started last September when SJP confirmed that the possibility of a third movie was dead. Finally, as news surfaced it was Cattrall holding up production, things got nasty.

We've all heard bits and pieces about the whole Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall feud that seems to be never-ending and today, the saga has continued. "It doesn't really feel like work because we have so much in common, and she loves amusing women and is just so genuinely supportive and kind, and like a "girls" girl.' So, I just feel lucky that I get to work with her", she told Entertainment Tonight.

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Chris Noth, who famously played Mr. Leave it at that. And then the same thing with the movie. Kim's nice too, but Sarah and I have a lot of history. The fashionable star reveals that she knew pretty early on in their relationship that she wanted to marry him, and that she actually didn't give much thought to her unforgettable black wedding dress she wore in 1997.

Now, with the death of Cattrall's brother, the feud reached tipping point.

Parker had voiced her sympathies in an Instagram comment last week after Cattrall announced her brother's death February 4.

Speaking to People magazine about the movie that never was, she said: "It's really amusing because I never talked about it, except [to say] that some of us were disappointed". The four-time Golden Globe victor went on sharing, "We had this experience and it was awesome, and nothing will ever be like it". She insisted that they had a connection with an audience, the city and their crew.