Pak-backed militant groups to continue attacks in India, warns US

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"There should be no doubt that Russia perceived its past efforts as successful and sees the 2018 United States midterms elections as a potential target for Russian influence operations".

"Frankly, the United States is under attack", Dan Coats, the director of National Intelligence, said at the start of Tuesday's hearing.

US intelligence leaders warned a Senate committee Tuesday that Russian Federation will continue to try and influence elections in the United States this year. "But there is no question - we've got before us the entire intelligence community, that the Russians interfered in the election in 2016 - they're continuing to do it, and they're a real imminent threat to our elections in a matter of eight or nine months", King said.

USA officials have long anxious that Russian Federation might interfere in the upcoming elections, repeating a campaign of disruption it waged during the 2016 US presidential vote and a series of European elections in 2017.

National security agency directors addressed the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday to discuss emerging threats the United States faces amid technological upheavals.

Mike Pompeo, director of the C.I.A., said that there has been activity, which has given them the impression that Russian Federation is working on interfering with the next election.

"This is not going to change or stop", Admiral Michael Rogers, director of the National Security Agency, told the panel.

However, both Coats and Central Intelligence Agency leaders, Federal Bureau of Investigation and NSA stressed on Tuesday that y keep ir conclusion about Russian responsibility in electoral interference and warned that y have not perceived any "significant change" on ambitions of Moscow.

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Second - and more worryingly - Coats is saying that the Kremlin thought its last influence campaign went so swimmingly that it plans to do it again in November.

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-Shiite terrorists will attack American targets in Iraq because they believe the USA security presence is no longer needed and support Iran's aim to reduce US influence in Iraq. "Militant groups supported by Islamabad will continue to take advantage of their safe haven in Pakistan to plan and conduct attacks in India and Afghanistan, including against United States interests", Coats said during the hearing on "Worldwide Threat Assessment" of the U.S. intelligence community.

Cyber threats are coming from governments, terror groups, criminal organizations, students sitting in dorm rooms and individuals working in basements with the technical ability to breach US agencies, intelligence bodies or the military, he said.

Russian hackers targeted the election systems of 21 U.S. states.

In a report released in January 2017, US intelligence agencies concluded that Russian Federation engaged in a hacking-and-propaganda effort aimed at influencing the 2016 vote.

"Make no mistake - this threat did not begin in 2016, and it certainly didn't end with the election", Warner said. The idea that Russians could have interfered in the election is, to the president, an argument that he was given help to win the election, and therefore didn't win on his own.