Kim Jong-un Receives Report from N. Korean Delegation on Olympic Tour

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In an interview with the Washington Post's Josh Rogin, on his way home from South Korea where he led the US delegation at the Winter Olympics, Pence said that during conversations with South Korea's President Moon Jae-in, the USA and South Korea had agreed on terms for "further engagement" with the North. Ripley said the Trump administration is continuing "maximum pressure" and demanding the North Koreans receive no money under the table.

Despite years of tensions between North and South Korea, South Korea's hosting of the Winter Olympics has sparked a sudden and rare moment of rapprochement between the two countries.

United States officials also want tough global sanctions to be ramped up to push North Korea to give up its nuclear programme.

The North Korean defector singled out by President Donald Trump as a living example of the North's atrocities said Tuesday that Trump had set a milestone in global efforts to improve North Korea's human rights situation when he invited him and other defectors to his office.

There, she captured worldwide headlines by shaking hands with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, cheering on the joint Korean ice hockey team with him and extending her brother's invitation to an upcoming summit in Pyongyang.

Harris replied that North Korea was clearly engaged in a "charm offensive", but that he believes the commander of U.S. Forces Korea, Gen. Vincent Brooks, is capable of countering that.

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Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the propaganda outlet for the regime, claimed that Kim Jong-un said South Korea's "specially prioritized" efforts to accommodate North Korea's delegates were "very impressive", according to a translation from KCNA Watch.

The South Korean president Moon Jae-in took some heat over his hospitality to North Korean delegates, but he gave some indication that he remains cautious about Kim Jong-un.

She became the first member of the North's ruling dynasty to set foot in the South since the end of the Korean War.

The co-hosts of "The View" couldn't help but note the hypocrisy from Vice President Mike Pence during the Olympic Games in South Korea.

The US wants to strengthen sanctions and military pressure toward North Korea.

Such a meeting, if it came about, would mark the first inter-Korea summit since 2007. Mr Moon would irritate Mr Trump if he accepts the invitation, while declining would make the US and South Korea appear "unreasonably bellicose", he said. We have said, from the diplomatic side, we are ready to talk any time North Korea would like to talk.