Facebook launches Messenger Kids, its child-friendly texting app on Android

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Social networking giant Facebook has launched a new application for children for Android users. Facebook Messenger Kids is controversial as the app encourages kids to get involved in social media and certain groups of the society are so outraged by the company's move to involve more and more kids into it's range.

However, child development experts, health advocacy groups and educators still think that Messenger Kids is not flawless by any means. The app works by letting children set up their own "Child" account that is directly connected to a parent's Facebook account.

However, adults like parents or other guardians need to log in from their profiles to verify the Kids account - they can also check what is going on through the regular Messenger.

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However, some critics have accused Facebook of attempting to draw in young users who may then translate to full Facebook users in the future...doing so at a time when Facebook is incredibly unpopular among the current teenage population. This new application by Facebook is known as Facebook Messenger Kids and this application is used for texting between kids and it is developed keeping in mind the child-friendly content that can be served on the app. Facebook and other social networks are now the focus of increased scrutiny over their potential roles in things like depression and compulsive behaviors, such as obsessively checking one's phone for new notifications.

However more than 100 child development experts, health advocacy groups, educators, and parents have called on Facebook to shut down Messenger Kids. The app-Facebook's first built especially for children-hit iOS devices in December and launched on Amazon Fire tablets last month.