Kentucky assistant police chief fired for racist messages

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"For years I have seen the blacks live off uss [sic] and putting them in one big housing area breeds HUGE peoblems [sic]" Shaw wrote.

In an August 31 letter to Prospect, Kentucky Mayor John Evans, O'Connell expressed his "serious concern" about "highly disturbing racist and threatening Facebook messages" that Shaw - who at the time was acting chief for the city of Prospect, a suburban city in the Louisville metropolitan area -had sent to the recruit.

Shaw resigned from the Prospect Police Department in suburban Louisville late a year ago. Shaw's attorney said his client was just "playing" when he sent the messages. Shaw had requested that his messages be kept private in court after media outlets began requesting them but a judge later denied his request.

The recruit asked the police chief, Todd Shaw, what he should do if he comes across juveniles smoking weed.

Other disturbing messages included instructing the recruit on what to do if parents caught a juvenile smoking marijuana.

"While the Court understands how embarrassing the documents may be to Shaw personally, they are not of the private nature meant to be shielded from public disclosure", Judge Judith McDonald-Burkman wrote.

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Shaw also lamented that he couldn't shoot more people of color, writing in a Facebook message, "What has policing come to when all you can shoot are white people and injured deer".

Snoop Dogg is attacking racist Facebook messages by former Prospect Assistant Police Chief Todd Shaw. He went on to say the parents should be forced to perform sex acts, adding "unless daddy is black.then shoot him".

The incident resonates with the firing of a MS school teacher previous year who went on a racist rant on Facebook, and the firing of a law enforcement officer with the Baton Rouge office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control in 2015 for sending text messages the agency head called racist, unprofessional and offensive.

"If blacks in this county are so offended, no one is forcing them to stay here".

"His Facebook messages were made privately between colleagues and friends who shared the reality of being police officers in today's culture where police are demonized and demoralized for doing what is required to keep the community safe", Burns said in an email to the Courier-Journal. Since they surfaced, O'Connell has determined not to move forward with any prosecutions in which Shaw might be called to testify, and said he would notify defense attorneys about the messages. There is no place in police departments for men or women who hold such strongly held prejudices, including recommending shooting people simply due to their race.

The messages were originally discovered while Shaw was being investigated for allegedly interfering in a sexual abuse probe.