PUBG on Xbox One patched with new control options

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The developers have been able to build the game's community on Xbox One thanks to frequent updates that are constantly making improvements, with the latest patch available to download now.

PUBG was arguably the biggest success story of 2017, blowing up the internet with its fresh take on the battle royale genre.

There are a number of major updates on the way for the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds before it will be able to leave early access.

PUBG Corporation seems to have found a victor no matter what platform it's on, and Microsoft seems to have found a game that is actually getting people to play the Xbox One for once. Moreover, hitting up on the d-pad will equip a pistol. With this new preset you'll be able to use left trigger (LT) to aim down the sight of your weapon and left bumper (LB) to aim down the sight from a third-person perspective.

This should have now been fixed with the new PUBG update, which comes with a few other performance enhancements.

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User is unable to switch grenade types when tapping right on the D-Pad.

The most notable change coming in the next update is a new controller preset in the options menu.

Future updates will bring additional game optimization and a new map called Miramar.

Fixed an issue where players repositioned out of the battleground after certain actions and remained invulnerable until the end of the match.

Dropping objects causes the player to switch weapons. After installing, all changes in the above changelog will be applied. Make sure to drop into the comments with your thoughts.