US, Korea to Postpone War Games

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North Korea says it has completed construction of a winter sports resort amid proposed talks to secure the country's attendance at the Winter Olympics in neighbouring South Korea.

But the United States should also communicate that if North Korea does immediately stop that there would be an immediate meeting of North Korea, the United States, China and Japan to establish a nuclear non-proliferation treaty for the region and very serious and significant economic and financial aid and assistance to North Korea from all four countries.

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un opened the way for talks with South Korea in his New Year's Day speech, calling for reduced tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Last year, the vast majority of defectors were women (83 per cent), thus maintaining the trend, as women make up 71 per cent of all North Korean defectors to the South. The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics will be held from February 9th to the 25th, and the Paralympics will be held from March 9th to the 18th, which would have overlapped with the biggest of the joint exercises that are held each spring, known as Key Resolve and Foal Eagle, which involve more than 300-thousand US and South Korean soldiers.

"Absolutely, I would do that", Trump said.

US President Donald Trump said on Saturday he would "absolutely" be willing to talk on the phone to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and that he hopes a positive development results from talks between North Korea and South Korea.

"Look, right now they're talking Olympics".

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Speaking to CNN, Tillerson made clear that Washington was also open to talks with North Korea, but warned that while it aimed to resolve the crisis diplomatically, "those diplomatic efforts are backed by a strong military option if necessary".

"Sure, I believe in talking", he said. He added: "They do know how to reach us if and when they are ready to engage with us as well".

The meeting could be a "vehicle through which they would like to tell us that they would like to have some discussions", the AP quoted Tillerson as saying. If South Korea can enhance ties with North Korea, why can't the USA and other countries?

If North Korea had the nuclear capacity to strike the United States mainland - e.g., New York, Washington, D.C., etc. - it could deter the United States from being involved when North Korea attempts to unite South Korea under the regime of North Korea, which is one of North Korea's primary goals.

He told reporters Friday that Japan would "take all steps necessary", including cooperating with China and Russian Federation, to step up pressure on North Korea so it will give up its nuclear weapons and missile development policies. It ought to keep a close consultation with the USA to send a united message. "We understand the threat", Pompeo said.

South Korea's Defence Ministry has said it had yet to see any evidence of an imminent missile launch.