Liam Neeson Calls Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Hollywood Men "A Witch Hunt"

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However, while Neeson acknowledges the need for this conversation to take place as well as the many women who absolutely must be heard, there are cases where innocent men are thrown under the bus for the sake of "social justice". "There's a few people, acclaimed individuals, being all of a sudden blamed for touching some young lady's knee or something, and all of a sudden they're being dropped from their program or something".

Neeson noted that the allegation made against Keillor was different than the accusations made against actor Kevin Spacey and film mogul Harvey Weinstein. "I'm not saying I've done similar things to what [Hoffman] apparently did... but it's childhood stuff". "Since when you're completing a play and you're with your family, different on-screen characters, specialists, you do senseless things".

In response to Hunter's allegations Hoffman issued a statement saying the incident "is not reflective of who I am".

Neeson also described himself as "on the fence" about Hoffman, who has been accused by several women of sexual harassment.

Neeson's comments did not go over well in the Twitterverse.

"Oh God,'s not "childhood stuff" when they were grown men, it's being lecherous, inappropriate creeps". That's not a witch hunt.

As we wrote in October, (like Neeson) to make this happen.

Liam Neeson Calls Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Hollywood Men
Liam Neeson Calls Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Hollywood Men "A Witch Hunt"

The 65-year-old started off the criticized remarks when discussing the deluge of sexual misconduct allegations in Hollywood.

Mr Keillor was sacked over allegations of "inappropriate behaviour with an individual who worked with him".

"There is a movement happening".

But when Neeson's first thought after a question about Hollywood sexism is to address what he perceives as "a bit of a witch hunt", it reveals the kind of creeping misogyny that's all for a revolution, as long as it doesn't hit too close to home.

At the same time, Neeson outlined that the #MeToo movement was "healthy" and such allegations were widely spread "across every industry", but "the focus was on Hollywood". "But it's across every industry", he continued.

"I'm a Unicef ambassador, and very proud to be one, and I get sent facts and figures and if you read what I have read about how female labourers are being treated on farms and ranches, it's chilling".

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