Health Department: Did you get your flu shot yet?

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CHOA is now under visitor restrictions to protect patients from the cold and flu season, a spokeswoman said.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has rescheduled a teaching session on the public health response to a nuclear blast that was to take place Tuesday. More than 2,000 are suffering from Influenza B, majority caused by "Japanese flu". During the same time period, 211 flu cases in ME required hospitalization, about 27 percent. The majority of the hospitalizations and deaths were associated with influenza A, according to the annual report for 2014-15.

Health bosses say they're seeing a significant increase in confirmed flu cases in hospitals in Wales.

Caroline Cornish, a Maine Medical Center spokeswoman, said the hospital has seen an increased number of flu cases in the emergency department this year, but not an unusual amount.

There have been 13 deaths at least partly attributable to influenza in Maine through January 11, according to the Maine CDC. Fewer than five of those deaths were children. The B strain started circulating much earlier than usual, the public health agency said.

You also DON'T need to visit anyone in the hospital if you have a runny nose - cough - sore throat or fever.

"According to Vanderbilt University's own Dr. WIlliam Schaffner, an expert in the study and research of infectious disease, "[The flu} seemed to occur all over the country, more or less simultaneously". Complications, which may be serious, can include pneumonia, bronchitis, and ear and sinus infections.

Health Department: Did you get your flu shot yet?
Health Department: Did you get your flu shot yet?

Health officials say it takes about two weeks following the administration of the vaccine for the recipient to develop protection.

If you have not gotten a flu shot yet, do not wait any longer! It was back last winter but the vaccine was a better fit. And, we're being told, the vaccine this year is particularly ineffective.

Precautionary steps are about the same for both types of illness, Ramsey said, including frequent hand washing and staying away from others when sick or carrying a fever, especially children.

Hospitalizations have seen a sharp uptick since last week, according to the latest numbers from CDC's weekly update today, which covers the week ending Jan 6.

There is also more bronchospasm with flu, which narrows the airways and affects the air coming in and going out of the lungs.

People in these high-risk groups should also consider seeing their health care provider to be evaluated for antiviral medications if they develop flu symptoms. "We don't have a crystal ball". While cases of influenza are not reportable, influenza-related deaths are reported to IDPH.

As of the first week of 2018, the total number of people who have died from this year's iteration of the influenza family of viruses was just 0.2 percent below the current season's threshold for being considered a "flu epidemic".

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