Twitter is latest target of right-wing Project Veritas

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"You know what? Mo's right, let's go, let's carry on, what's next?'" said Norai, explaining a typical interaction he would have during content review before he left Twitter in March 2016.

GotNews Editor-in-Chief Charles C. Johnson documented Twitter's pattern of targeting conservatives with content censorship, suspensions, and permanent bans in the landmark free speech lawsuit he filed against the company on Monday. Now Project Veritas has released a couple of videos clearly meant to portray Twitter as extremely liberal and biased - the latest in the barrage of conservatives' criticism of tech companies' purported bias against them.

A Project Veritas undercover investigation has revealed a senior network security engineer at Twitter suggesting that his company turns over the private communications and deleted tweets of President Donald Trump to the Department of Justice.

Project Veritas, a conservative group founded by James O'Keefe that is known for selectively editing video and performing undercover operations, posted the video on Tuesday. That is in line with Twitter's official line on the issue of banning the president.

Abhinav Vadrevu, a former Twitter software engineer, explained how "shadow banning" works at a San Francisco restaurant on January 3, 2018.

Later, O'Keefe himself, in disguise, talks to Haynes and asks if Twitter is "working with the DOJ" on its investigation into Trump and other figures in his administration. Haynes did not know he was being filmed.

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Watch Ex-Twitter Employees Brag About "Shadow Banning" Political Opinions They Don't Like -'One strategy is to shadow ban so you have ultimate control, ' a former employee says in the Project Veritas video. "So they just think that no one is engaging with their content, when in reality, no one is seeing it".

Another piece of footage released shows Twitter software engineer Steven Pierre discussing how Twitter uses censorship algorithms against users.

"Every single conversation is going to be rated by a machine and the machine is going to say whether or not it's a positive thing or a negative thing", Pierre told a Project Veritas undercover journalist on December 8, 2017. Right? Somebody's just cursing at somebody, whatever, whatever. "We do take actions to downrank accounts that are abusive and mark them accordingly so people can still to click through and see these Tweets if they so choose".

"Yeah. That's something we're working on", Hassan told the Veritas journalist. "It's not going to ban the mindset, it's going to ban, like, a way of talking". "It's something we're working on".