Rian Johnson Defends New Force Powers In Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Rian Johnson ended up being tagged in the conversation, and Johnson did end up chiming in on the topic, where he pointed out that really none of the Force abilities are ever specifically called out prior to being seen on screen.

Now that The Last Jedi has been out for a while and Star Wars fans have had time - and repeat viewings - to pick away at the details, the people tasked with making sure there's a well-thought explanation behind every story beat and visual cue are seeing more and more questions about all the hundreds of little things that matter.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Talking with MTime, Mark Hamill has revealed an interesting change made to the ending of The Force Awakens, after the script for The Last Jedi was completed. After surviving a barrage of laser fire from AT-M6 walkers without even a scratch, the new Supreme Leader of the First Order lands on the surface in order to finish this fight once and for all.

Disney  Lucasfilm               Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in
Disney Lucasfilm Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in"Star Wars The Last Jedi Disney Lucasfilm Ma

"[Luke] is basically tailoring this projection to have maximum effect on Kylo". Who knows, perhaps we will get to see a returned Luke utilise his green saber in Episode IX. He draws his lightsaber, and Luke Skywalker does the same. But Kylo ren and Rey destroyed that lightsaber on Snoke's ship, so why did Kylo Ren fall for it?

We see the Force perform acts of telekinesis but it also allows for mental manipulation. He doesn't know what happened to it.

A relatively major plot hole in The Last Jedi has been explained by director Rian Johnson. So it would stand to reason that Luke is back in possession of it because Rey gave it to him.

Since the film's debut, viewers have targeted their hatred towards writer/director Rian Johnson, demanding he be removed from a leadership position in regards to an upcoming trilogy of Star Wars films, in addition to petitions surfacing across the internet in hopes of these audiences having their perspectives heard.

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