MSNBC's Chris Matthews apologizes for Cosby comment

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The reference was to accusations that Cosby drugged and assaulted women.

In a video recorded January 5, 2016, and first obtained by the Cut, Matthews is seen preparing for the interview Clinton. "Precious waters?" he innocently jokes, before diving in.

Matthews apologized for his remarks in a statement Friday, and said his comments were "made in poor taste during the height of the Bill Cosby headlines". "I realize that's no excuse. I deeply regret it and I'm sorry", he said.

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Throughout the years, he has also called her "witchy", "anti-male" and "uppity", while referring to her laugh as a "cackle". In 2008, he apologized for saying she only became a US senator and presidential candidate because "her husband messed around". A female producer who said he made inappropriate comments in the workplace reportedly received separation-related compensation. The payment was intended as a settlement, though some sources disputed the number, saying it was lower and part of a severance package. MSNBC declined to comment on whether the employee left because of Matthews or whether this was the only claim in Matthews' history at the company. Based on people who were involved in matter, the network concluded that the comments were inappropriate and juvenile but were not meant to be taken as propositions.

Matthews has hosted "Hardball" since 1997.

It's not even the first time Matthews has targeted Hillary Clinton, though this clip lacks the blunt sexism of questions like "Is her gender a problem in her ability to change her mind?" something he asked in 2006.