Look At This Giant Detective Pikachu Amiibo

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Back in 2016, Detective Pikachu released exclusively in Japan as Detective Pikachu - Birth of a New Duo.

There's been a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie, but today we're learning that those of us in the west will soon have a video game to go along with it. Nintendo revealed today that Detective Pikachu will soon make his way to the United States in a new video game for the 3DS. The plot follows Tim Goodman, a newcomer to Ryme City, who meets the eponymous Detective Pikachu, a tough talking, hardboiled detective. The amiibo will unlock special video clips called Pika Prompts after each completed chapter. It's our favorite gumshoe Pikachu posed while "sleithing", and it's a little bigger than regular amiibo figures. The film's script will be written by Guardians of the Galaxy co-writer Nicole Perlman and it will be co-written by Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch. Together, Tim and Detective Pikachu will encounter a number of mysteries in Ryme City and will need to talk to witnesses and gather their testimony in order to discover the truth.

There will also be a new Detective Pikachu Amiibo, and it's huge, standing almost twice as tall as the standard Pikachu figurine. Amazingly, Detective Pikachu apparently worked with Tim's father, so that's.something.

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The Detective Pikachu 3DS game launched in Japan previous year, but until now there was no indication the game would come to the West.

We're hopeful the amiibo will come to Australia too, we'll let you know when we hear from Nintendo Australia.

Detective Pikachu comes to a 3DS near you on March 23. But we have to admit that even we don't understand what's going on with Detective Pikachu.