Heavy weighs the crown, reveals Queen

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The Imperial State Crown includes sapphires belonging to St Edward the Confessor and Alexander II of Scotland, a ruby from Edward the Black Prince, pearls from Elizabeth I and the Cullinan II diamond.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth has advised wearers of crowns not to look down in case they injure their necks, in a rare interview for a BBC documentary on her coronation in 1953.

She explained she chose to play dress up and mimic the daily routine of the queen to celebrate the second season of the Netflix hit, The Crown, which premiered last month.

During World War II, protecting the Royal Family's Crown Jewels - treasured gems the family's acquired since 1660 - was so top secret even Queen Elizabeth II didn't know exactly where they were stored.

"There are some disadvantages to crowns but otherwise they are quite important things".

"Fortunately, my father and I have about the same sort of shaped head".

It is much lighter than the 4.9lbs gold St Edward's Crown - which is used for the moment of crowning - and is decorated with 444 precious and semi-precious stones, with Baroque arches.

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Her Majesty reveals she is unable to look down to read speeches at the State Opening of Parliament. She may have kept quiet at the time, but now, 65 years later, the Queen apparently had no qualms about describing the ride as "horrible".

The Queen also recounted the day of her coronation, and how she was brought to a halt when her robes ran against the carpet pile in Westminster Abbey.

"It's not meant for travelling in at all", the Queen said.

"It's only sprung on leather, not very comfortable", she recalled of the carriage.

Queen Elizabeth II is remarkably and unabashedly particular: For example, she's never wavered from the corgi breed when selecting the no less than 30 dogs she's owned during her reign, and has made a point to eat the same food-a slice of chocolate biscuit cake-every single day. "I've seen one coronation and been the recipient in the other, which is pretty remarkable". "It's so heavy", she said.

The Coronation is part of the Royal Collection Season on BBC and will air this Sunday.