EVERYTHING you need to know about tonight's Celebrity Big Brother live show

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Ginuwine has sparked controversy after he refused to kiss his fellow "Celebrity Big Brother UK" co-star India Willoughby.


"The LGBT... you know I just think they need to respect it a bit more."


Celebrity Big Brother viewers have declared that the relationship blossoming between Ginuwine and Ashley James is nothing but a "showmance".

Price continued, trying to explain that she had just become "bored" of Willoughby, who has begun to describe herself as the pantomime villain of the house.

She added: "So that's an easy vote in context for the house, but the people who push the numbers..."

In a photo posted on her Twitter account, the TV presenter is pictured smiling beside a drag queen at Harrogate Pride.

The first eviction will take place on Friday 12th January, with the female celebrities revealing during Tuesday's episode their nominations for who they want to leave the house.

"We know that a lot of people just see us as the same, and we both know that's completely incorrect", she told India.

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Asked by host Rylan Clark-Neal who she would have nominated, Katie said: 'India.

India said: "Exactly, people have done very well out of that but I wouldn't do it as a game play, it's just too obvious when you do something deliberate".

Malika Haqq opted to nominate Andrew Brady and Ann Widdecombe, although the reasons she gave for nominating them were tenuous at best - with her decision to nominate Andrew blamed on him not doing a chore she had given him correctly.

Viewers soon shared their outrage about the seemingly inconsistent phobia, with one person telling her: "You have proven yourself to be a liar and a fraud".

India Willougby has hit out at the LGBT+ community saying that women like her have been silenced.


And on last night's show, she compared drag to blackface and said it was offensive to her. Like in the old days when black and white minstrels would put on a show and everyone would cheer'.

One wrote: "So @IndiaWilloughby #CBBIndia claims to be terrified of drank queens!" I understand the term, but I don't get the statement?'