'Barely Made It Out' Says Couple Who Raced Car Out Of Mudslide

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Thankfully though, KTLA reports Franklin "managed to get some traction and maneuver the auto to the bottom of the hill, where several other smashed-up vehicles had come to a rest after similar journeys". The viral video was shot in Burbank. Apparently, a man named Desionne Franklin was trapped in the auto, doing everything he could to stop it. The vehicle was mucked up and scratched, but still functions fine.

"I could hear a rumbling and the rain was coming down hard and I said 'we gotta go now, '" Franklin said.

A member of the Burbank Firefighters Local 778 filmed the footage of the auto careening down a street and posted the footage on the group's Instagram page. "We know we are lucky this turned out to be a positive story".

Before he got into the vehicle, Franklin says he had made a decision to call into work.

The mudslides have raged in Southern California this week.

'Barely Made It Out' Says Couple Who Raced Car Out Of Mudslide
'Barely Made It Out' Says Couple Who Raced Car Out Of Mudslide

"Man, look at California", he can be heard narrating, while the caption opines that such extreme weather incidents are "the price for living in a lovely state". Rescue officials said numerous missing may simply have been unreachable by family and friends who reported they could not find them. Franklin said he finally got traction somehow just before he hit the creek and was able to drive out of the way.

"My girlfriend was screaming at the top of her lungs: 'Go, go, go!"

On Tuesday, the Verdugo Mountains area that had been charred in the La Tuna Fire last September was particularly vulnerable to flash flooding.

"Rocks flowing, mud flowing ...everywhere, barely made it out".

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