This Huge New TV Takes Up An Entire Wall

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Also dubbed "The Wall", Samsung's innovative TV uses MicroLED technology to deliver an amazingly rich 146-inch picture. While these TVs may not be available right now, they point to what might come in the future, CNN said, quoting Patrick Moorhead, president of tech analysis firm Moor Insight & Strategy.

The report goes on to say that some people who visited the "Qlounge" as it has been called, said the new QLED technology was the most impressive thing Samsung has to show in the private area. The Wall is the house-size version, a mere 146 inches diagonal. While that phrase sounds like typical PR/marketing hyperbole, we are actually inclined to trust Samsung's diagnosis in this case.

Hisense's Laser TV projector can produce a 140-inch display on a smaller budget, and will cost $US9,999 when it's released in America. The Wall is possibly the first large television from this or any brand to, supposedly, come equipped with a technology called modular Micro LED, in which LEDs on the display can be lit up individually with colors appearing more vibrant than ever before and with ideal infinite contrast due to a complete lack of backlight technology. If true, it's a huge step forward for QLED and LCD, as these TVs require a backlight to function. This can be a problem for OLED screens as, unlike LCD displays which have own backlight, the light for an OLED screen is created by the pixels themselves - which, in the case of an 8K display, are tiny.

However, unlike OLED, the Micro LED tech of the gargantuan Wall TV doesn't have quite so many limitations on peak brightness. Perhaps MicroLED can get brighter; Samsung hasn't specified yet.

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However, don't expect to see this TV in retail stores anytime soon.

LG's new OLED TVs are made smarter with a touch of AI, and with Google's Assistant and Amazon Alexa built in.

The electronics giant also noted that The Wall is the world's first "modular" television; meaning consumers will be able to customize the microLED screen to be smaller or even larger than the 146-inch behemoth Samsung introduced.