Naples man attacked by bear as he walked dog

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Meunier, who later claimed the bear was one of three that were all roughly 5 feet in height, was rushed to the hospital where he underwent four hours of surgery, reports the station.

Meunier was talking his dog out for a walk when he came face to face with a grizzly.

As the bear's claw tore into flesh, Meunier fought to get away. "Everything went in slow motion and it's as scary as you can imagine".

"He was right there", Meunier told WINK News.

A swipe from a bear's paw is one of the most unsafe in the animal kingdom and Andy was left with a huge gash on his face which required 44 stitches.

"I turned like this to try to get back in and it just did one of these and I kind of flew that way and got myself together and somehow got in the door", said Meunier. They have been seen rummaging through trash cans and knocking them over.

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"I'm just hoping they relocate them because I do feel bad". Meunier told WZVN that he was told he's the first person to ever be attacked by a bear in South Florida.

His attack has made the rounds on social media as some joked about Meunier's Green Bay t-shirt.

FWC biologists say there are approximately 4,050 black bears in Florida.

That punch left a nasty gash on Meunier's face, but he says he doesn't care even a little about a scar. The commission advises residents to "stash that trash, scare that bear" in an effort to not attract bears to Florida neighborhoods.

In 2014, a Seminole County resident was dragged from her garage by a black bear that had wandered onto her property in search of food. "I did not expect this".