Mario Tennis Aces takes to the court on Switch this year

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Nintendo fans woke up to a brand new Direct showcasing some of the games and content that players can expect in 2018 in a "mini" edition of the popular video series. Yet the developer has yet to return to the world for a second installment - and while the Switch release is mostly based on the original game, perhaps it portends something new for the beloved game in the future.

The fact that the game is actually going to feature a story mode is a huge deal.

The game features full touch screen menu support, and a newly developed rumble feature that responds as players fire weapons or throw grenades.

In "Hyrule Warriors", you can play as a whopping 29 different characters from the "Zelda" universe, including Link and Zelda. He'll first appear in a new DLC for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle in spring.

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Mario Tennis Aces (Spring 2018) - A new Mario sports game is on the way to the Switch, and this time there is a story mode in addition to the regular tennis action. Updated versions of Dark Souls, The World Ends with You and Hyrule Warriors - among other games - are headed to the hybrid portable console. Aegislash will come in Wave 1 in January while Blastoise will arrive in March for Wave 2.

Ys VIII: Lacrimose of DANA will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch. It's a hide-and-seek situation, where you can spend your time either hiding or finding balloons across the many ridiculous worlds of "Super Mario Odyssey".

Kirby's Nintendo Switch debut has a final name and release date. New content is coming to Super Mario Odyssey too! Perhaps you played it on the Nintendo 64?

But then he'll be getting his very own game, with a re-release of the excellent Wii U title Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on May 4. The free update will be released in February with new Snapshot Mode filters and new outfits.