LG 88-inch 8K OLED display is simply wonderful

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We have already seen the mammoth 88-inch 8k OLED TV that LG will be showing off this year at CES, and now LG has announced a new 65-inch rollable OLED.

For now, we're just excited to see Panasonic get back in the TV saddle.

The South Korean company also showed off its latest range of smart kitchen wares, including the LG InstaView ThinQ refrigerator with a 29-inch touchscreen for displaying recipes and the LG EastClean oven, which is capable of automatically pre-heating at a specified time.

It's hard to walk away unimpressed after spending time with the LG Signature OLED W8.

As with the 2017 E7, there's a 60W 4.2 channel soundbar integrated into the design. That's why LG have decided this display would feature an 8K resolution.

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Those with long memories will recall that LG actually showed off a rollable TV screen at CES 2016, but there was one key difference: at 18in, it was smaller than most computer monitors, and wasn't ready for prime position in the living room. And while that's a problem that persists this year, it's something that we've slowly warmed up to. And while that could sound a bit frightening to the non-AV enthusiasts out there, the W8 will employ the same mounting mechanism that it had a year ago to enable supremely easy setup.

LG has not confirmed any potential release and we can not say what the price tag it will get. In all, LG rolled out nine 4K LG AI OLED TVs, ranging from 55 in.to 77 in., and seven 4K LG AI SUPER UHD TV models, ranging from 55 to 75 in. Much of the layout and content highlighting features remain exactly the same as they were previous year.

LG's CLOi smart robot range has been expanded with the creation of three new concept robots, created to be used in hotels, supermarkets and airports. Further, both the series comes with hands-free control with Amazon-Alexa-enabled devices and Google Home. Don't miss this LG TV 2018 Catalog! This technology makes speakers completely obsolete, as it emanates sound directly from the OLED panel.

According to LG, future LCDs boasting 8K resolution will be heavier and thicker because backlight units will have to be placed straight behind the panels in order to achieve the same level of brightness and the same high picture quality as 4K displays.