Intel has hit a "major breakthrough" in quantum computing

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Krzanich spent the rest of his keynote reiterating some of the investments Intel has made in technologies created to improve live sporting events and movies.

Intel added on Monday that about two million vehicles from auto makers BMW, Nissan and Volkswagen will use technology from Mobileye to build high-definition maps throughout 2018.

Krzanich's comments at CES - the technology trade show formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show - gave him the opportunity to address attendees from across the global tech industry.

In autonomous driving, Krzanich announced that two million vehicles from BMW, Nissan and Volkswagen will use Mobileye Road Experience Management (REM) technology to crowdsource data to build and rapidly update low-priced, scalable high-definition maps throughout this year. The executives said 2 million cars with Mobileye technology would be on roads this year gathering data for high-definition maps necessary for autonomous driving. "That is why we built Intel Studios, which is the most advanced data-driven content creation studios", Mr. Krzanich said. "Data is going to redefine how we experience life - in our work, in our homes..."

Intel shares were under pressure last week after researchers pointed to the so-called Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities affecting the chips powering most modern PCs and many mobile devices.

Shares of Intel (INTC), which closed Monday at $44.74, losing 4.5% in the week, have been under heavy selling pressure ever since reports of a security vulnerability with its CPU chips.

At CES 2018, Intel revealed a revolutionary technology, meant to change the entertainment industry.

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The Volocopter was Intel's most eye-catching achievement, but the tech company also debuted a number of other products and services as part of a comprehensive look at what data can accomplish.

Intel's new Immersive Media technology will give viewers the choice they have never had, of watching from any angle they want, and from any perspective. Intel also shipped its first 49-qubit quantum computing test chip (Tangle Lake) to research partner QuTech.

Having this mapping information could help with the progression of autonomous cars.

Krzanich thanked tech companies and others for ongoing efforts made to protect computers against the new threat.

"We expect to solve key technical challenges that must be overcome to move quantum computing forward", Krzanich added.

Whether Intel sees a slew of defectors or is forced to offer discounts, the company could take a hit to one of its fastest growing business units.

German startup e-volo's Volocopter uses the same flight technology that Intel's Falcon 8+ drone does, Krzanich said, bringing e-volo's CEO Florian Reuter on stage.