Eric Hosmer has a $147 million offer from the Royals

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The San Diego Padres are the other team that has already sent a contract proposal to Hosmer, and, going by that USA Today report again, this offer is for seven years and $140 million.

Hosmer wants a minimum of eight or nine years for a contract but it is not known if either of the two teams will increase Hosmer's offer if he asks them to. On Tuesday it was reported that the Chicago Cubs are also interested in the 27-year-old right-hander.

With a tip of the cap to Abbott and Costello, Who's on first? The numbers, meanwhile, suggest Hosmer is a very inconsistent player from year-to-year with a short track record of being the kind of offensive force typically associated with big money first basemen. The calculus appeared simple: While Moustakas, 29, and Cain, 31, have also been at the centre of uncertain markets this winter, the Royals see Hosmer, 28, as a safer long-term investment, a cornerstone player who can serve a front-facing role in the clubhouse and potentially remain productive until the club is ready to contend again in 2022 or beyond. With Dayton Moore running the franchise, and a couple of World Series visits, it seems that owner David Glass is more willing to spend big. Another bonus: The club, along with every team in Major League Baseball, is reportedly set to receive a cash payment of $50 million or more after the league sold a controlling stake in its technology arm - BAMTech - to Disney past year.

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The Royals are not the only team that is interested in signing Eric Hosmer, however.

Ground balls will not create extra base hits usually and never become home runs. Hosmer is right smack in the prime of his career right now.

That said, will a team bet seven years and $20-plus million per season on Hosmer hitting more fly balls?