Dark Souls Remastered coming to Nintendo Switch

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This is in addition to the Nintendo Switch version of Dark Souls Remastered revealed during the surprise Direct event. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition will be releasing on the Switch this Spring. What we can tell you is that it will be released for the Nintendo Switch on May 25th.

Dark Souls: Remastered launches on Steam on May 25.

Are you excited about a new Mario Tennis game? There's local and online co-op, full touch-screen support, and HD rumble to enhance the feel of weapon recoil.

Developer Zoink's handsome nature-themed platform adventure Fe will launch on Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC on February 16th. Actually, we do know why: Bandai Namco are also releasing it for the Nintendo Switch. It will have standard tennis gameplay, plus a story mode that offers extra challenges and boss battles.

It looks like Nintendo Switch will have another stellar year.

What we're saying here is that Nintendo Switch owners who haven't yet been able to experience the game - or just want to take it with them wherever they may roam - are going to want to add this remaster to their wishlist.

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Pokken Tournament DX is getting a new DLC Battle Pack, which will be released in two waves.

Luigi's Balloon World is a competitive mode players can access by finding Luigi in each kingdom. Payday 2 was also announced for the Switch. The game is known for its difficulty, so to make things easier, Nintendo is introducing a new character named Funky Kong.

This fighting game lets you play as iconic heroines from SNK's history in two-on-two tag-team combat. Most people including myself were anxious about the software lineup for the Nintendo Switch come 2018, but it seems that Nintendo knows what it's doing and will do its level best to ensure that the Switch is stacked with a number of exclusives and 3rd party titles to keep Switch owners entertained for the entire year.

Ys VIII, the latest game in the long-running action RPG series is coming to the Switch this Summer.

A retro-style platformer called Celeste is heading to Switch on January 25. The game will also feature a story mode.