Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek Movie Will Be R-Rated, Because Of Course

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Deadline reports the Quentin Tarantino Star Trek movie will actually be rated-R, which is a first for the franchise, as Tarantino mandated it so, and that Abrams and Paramount agreed to the condition. The next film could take a very different direction with Quentin Tarantino involved in the project.

According to a new Deadline Hollywood report, the Hateful Eight and Pulp Fiction filmmaker's proposed Star Trek movie is meant to be rated R, which would mark a first for the Paramount Pictures franchise and a rarity in the realm of big-budget tentpole movies.

Work on the script will continue as Tarantino shoots his next film, an untitled period crime drama, and then he'll make any decision once that is complete. On top of that, "Deadpool" proved a year ago that even R-rated films can make a splash at the box office.

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Deadpool and Logan from 20th Century Fox proved to be very profitable. Now comes word that it may lean more towards his own sensibilities, with all agreeing that the film is going to be R-Rated in the US.

Tarantino is still hoping to be the director since he's a huge Star Trek fan himself. Tarantino usually takes quite a bit of time between projects, but thus far everything about this Star Trek movie has been atypical for the Oscar-winning writer/director. And it's not as if it's without precedent these days: Star Trek: Discovery has been pushing the boundaries on TV already thanks to the more relaxed regulations with home carrier CBS All Access. Phasers were set to stun, because nobody saw this coming; Tarantino isn't known for science-fiction, and he almost always works on his own original concepts, not established cinematic universes.

It will be interesting to see if this iteration gets made. We'll let you know as more information is available, but for now, steel yourself against the tide of angry Trekkies taking to their message boards to say that their beloved series should never, ever be R-Rated.