Light snow, rain chances continue overnight

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Cold temperatures and rainy weather will stick around the Houston area over the next couple days, making way for a possible appearance of sleet or snow, according to the National Weather Service.

"People may be caught off guard as they drive to work in the morning, to not just see some rain falling form the sky, but some snow flurries or sleet pellets", Huffman said.

As of 11 a.m. Thursday, a winter weather advisory has been issued for parts of Louisiana, Southern Mississippi, and Central Georgia. Ground temperatures will be warm, air temperatures will remain a bit above freezing for most of the event, and rain could remain mixed in with the snow.

Starting Friday, rain will become likely...mixing with sleet around sunrise as the precipitation moves into the area and moistens up a relatively dry low-level airmass via evaporative cooling. Most accumulations will be on grassy areas. Some on the northern edge could see nothing at all, and others on the southern part could see all rain.

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Most likely, there will be a 30- to 40-mile-wide strip of heavier snow, and trying to identify that far in advance is very hard to do. That should minimize the accumulation potential.

Take caution while driving as some bridges and overpasses could develop patches of ice overnight while temperatures dip below freezing across the South Plains. Temperatures will drop into the upper 30s Friday night, but will still remain too warm for any wet snow to mix in.

North of 85, if things were to come together perfectly so that the period of coldest air and highest moisture were to overlap, it is possible to see a transition to snow. Small local variations in temperatures will mean you see little accumulation and more significant amounts within a short distance. Despite the sunshine returning, cold air will keep temperatures in the middle and upper 40s both Saturday and Sunday.