Dyling Light Gets A Standalone Multiplayer Expansion

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Just as the third version of the game engine spawned Call of Juarez and the fifth version brought Dead Island in 2011, Dying Light is first game to show off Chrome Engine 6 - Hellraid being this year's only other Chrome 6 title. In doing so, Bad Blood promises "violent and dynamic" online bouts that mix PvP with PvE mechanics. They can play the expansion early and share their thoughts, knowing their feedback will have a major influence on Bad Blood's development.

Dying Light Bad Blood will have a global playtest on PC, which will be absolutely free but with limited places, and Techland is inviting interested parties to sign up now via its website. It remains to be seen whether the game's style suits this kind of play, but Dying Light's movement in particular is well realised, so this could turn out surprisingly well.

Their response will come in the form of what they describe as a nod to the "recent popularity of the Battle Royale genre among the survival horror fans". The mode itself was a mix of Evolve and Dark Souls, as it had players team up to defeat a powerful enemy whose goal was to destroy the Night Hunter's nest before they themselves were killed, but it was only available for those actually willing to let themselves be invaded. Use your parkour skills to swiftly traverse the city, scavenging for weapons that will give you an edge over your opponents.

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Allies & traitors To pay for a seat on the extraction chopper, you need to harvest blood samples from the infected. The more samples the players obtain collectively, the more seats unlock on the rescue chopper.

Regardless, it seems that everyone will need to pay for their individual seat meaning that teamwork will likely only get you so far.

Dying Light: Bad Blood will be launched as a standalone PvP expansion in 2018!