Breath of the Wild DLC Available Tonight!

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It's a part of Breath of the Wild's expansion pass that costs $19.99.

As far as the "awesome" that we discussed, there's some cool new stuff for Link to do within the game, including riding his beloved Epona with HORSE ARMOR (no, we're not kidding), as well as a horse-shaped motorcycle. Revealed at The Game Awards 2017, Nintendo Switch and Wii U owners can play the second expansion to the 2017 open-world adventure today, December 8 in India and December 7 in the US.

The Champion's Ballad will chart Link's story with the original Champions - you know the ones who, er, aren't around anymore.

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Officially dubbed the "Master Cycle Zero", the motorcycle is awarded to players after completing all the challenges in the new DLC.

Champions' Ballad will expand the story of the four champions in Breath of the Wild - Revali, Mipha, Daruk, and Urbosa.

I'm not joking. Link straight-up gets a "Master Cycle" as a reward to ride around Hyrule like a total boss. Another scene briefly showed a large clockwork construction, teasing more encounters that look more along the scale of the base game's Divine Beasts.