Biggest News From The Game Awards 2017

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The Game Awards are tonight, and to celebrate, eBay itself is offering four exclusive deals that'll make it a lot easier to upgrade your PC with a new monitor and graphics card.

It appears that's just what we're getting.

Speaking with our friend at VentureBeat, Geoff Keighley stated that The Game Awards 2017 will feature World Premiere Announcements of 2 new games worlds that gaming community has never seen before.

It's not known whether this World War Z game will be connected to the film that starred Brad Pitt.

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At first, the trailer resembles something along the lines of Metro: Exodus, with a Russian voiceover and a post-nuclear landscape. Whatever the case, it appears the game does have co-op, as several players team up to take on enemies within the game. Be sure to check out the full list of nominees and then to let us know who you think will win what in the comments.

You can check out the trailer below.

Games off all shapes, sizes and genres have been nominated for awards across the board, and while fighting games didn't permeate through most other categories, they did get a category of their own.