Ben Affleck no longer Batman, Jon Hamm 'desperately' trying to replace him?

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For a while now, there have been reports that Ben Affleck, who has been playing the role of Batman in the DC Extended Universe, may leave the franchise since there were a lot of internal issues during the production of Justice League. Furthermore, The Batman offers an opportunity to offer a new interpretation of the character again on the big screen, and that's surely a temptation to both Reeves and to Warner Bros.

"Jon's gunning hard for the role", said the source. The two became lose after working starring together in the Affleck-directed 2010 film, The Town, and they were drinking buddies until Hamm stepped away from alcohol in 2015.

This may be hard for some to believe, given the fact that Hamm and Affleck have been good friends for quite some time. "This is business for Jon - not personal", the insider adds.

It's said Jon Hamm is friends with Ben Affleck and realizes that Affleck has faced some criticism, but according to the site, Jon Hamm feels he is the better Batman.

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There's still a chance Ben Affleck will play the role in The Batman, but it doesn't look good.

The source goes on to describe Hamm as "desperate" for the Dark Knight gig, going so far as to be "carefully courting" The Batman director Matt Reeves for months.

Could Don Draper make his way to Gotham City? Only Matt Reeves knows the answer to that question.