Atlanta News Anchor Classily Claps Back At Racist Comments On-Air

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While discussing how shifting racial demographics of Atlanta played a part in the recent Georgia city mayoral election, news anchor Sharon Reed stopped the live programme to discuss the email that had been sent in from viewer Kathy Rae. Really??? You are what I call a N--r not a black person.

An Atlanta news anchor went viral after responding to a viewer email claiming she was "race baiting". According to Reed, she repeatedly wrote "Niger", which is a country in Western Africa.

A TV news anchor has shut down a racist viewer live on air, and the footage is one of the most satisfying things I've seen in a while.

"I would say to Kathy a couple of things", Reed begins. It's o.k. for blacks to discuss certain subjects but not whites.

"Not the first time I've been called that word", she wrote.

Speaking straight into the camera, Reed had another message for Rae: "I think when arguing with somebody, you have to be careful not to mischaracterize their viewpoint". I get it. On 5 December, 2017, you think it's OK to call this journalist a "n****r". But instead, I will let your words Kathy Rae speak for themselves. "And that'll be the last word", Reed said.

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"You are what's wrong with the world", she allegedly said at the end.

Atlanta voted yesterday for its mayor, deciding between Keisha Lance Bottoms, an African-American candidate, and Mary Norwood, who is white, in a contest that appears to hang on roughly 750 votes and is headed for a recount. Atlanta has had black mayors since the 1970s. What she said was not in a teleprompter. "And then there is the belief that you have to keep it real". We're talking race. She used it multiple times.

She notes that she also responded to Kathie Rae's email personally, reiterating her on-air comment and to tell her she made the show.

Reed has also commented on the now-viral moment, telling the Atlanta Journal Constitution that she made a decision to use the n-word in its entirety in the moment, and that she is "not a fan of the use" of the word in general. "I don't", Reed said.

Reed's powerful rebuke of the racist email was praised online.