Windows 7 updates appear to be broken for some

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Yesterday, a number of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 users reported that they are experiencing Windows Update error 80248015 on Windows 7 when they check for system updates.

"When I clicked on the Windows Update icon today to start the updates it said that my computer was up to date and that there were no updates available which I know was not the truth because I hadn't installed any of the [recent ones]", one user said. However, for users who paid for their Windows 7, the company has to offer promised security updates until 2020.

Those affected say that, when trying to run Windows Update on their machine, they are seeing an "80248015" error.

The error prevents them from checking for updates, ultimately leaving the machines prone to security vulnerabilities.

Simple workarounds like rebooting the system or hitting the "Try again" option doesn't work. It is unclear if all Windows 7 systems are affected by the issue, or if only a subset of systems are affected.

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As I noted above, there are only two working workarounds.

SOME USERS of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system are complaining that Windows Update has gone to Borksville. Here's how you can do that.

A search on the Internet returns multiple references to the Windows Update error 80248015, some of which dating back almost a decade.

"After reading his mail, I made a decision to do a short check on my Windows 7 production machine". Several users have reported this issue on Microsoft's forums and it appears the problem is probably being triggered by a file used by Windows Update that may have been set to expire on December 3 - yep, another date related issue. While the error may be caused by system administrators disabling Windows Update functionality, this is apparently not the case for the current issue.

A restart does not resolve the issue, and the error may be thrown even if you downloaded updates just fine the other day. Microsoft is however expected to acknowledge the bug in the coming days and it will be fixed with the next cumulative, that will be released on December 12 (Patch Tuesday).