Pokemon GO Weather Update Video Released

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Niantic has released an update to its popular mobile game Pokemon GO with a host of new features.

Dynamic weather will use your phone's information to accurately read the weather in your area. Trainers can look forward to finding Mudkip splashing when it rains, Cacnea basking in the sun, and Snorunt huddling together in the snow.

The mobile gaming sensation from previous year, Pokemon Go, gets two major game updates.

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Interestingly, the weather additions are not limited to aesthetics.

Like for example, you will be seeing water-related Pokemon more on your whereabouts during a rainy day and when captured, these creatures will also have higher than average CP levels. That said, certain Pokemon will be granted additional bonus effects if you catch them in ideal weather conditions. While gamers seem to be a bit more satisfied now that Niantic's made a few improvements to the game, the company promises fans that they're still looking at adding important features to the Pokemon Go like Player-vs-Player mode and Trading. The Pokemon will all be drawn from the Hoenn region of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. In the first part, as much as 50 new Pokemon will be added to the game's database starting this week. The full roster hasn't been revealed as of yet, but we do know that Pokemon like Torchic, Treecko, Mudkip, and other big names from those games will make the initial cut.

Bhargava explained that, while features like trading were still planned for down the road, the dynamic weather feature was prioritized because of the release of new Pokemon. Although Niantic still has a lot of generations to work within the Pokemon universe, it can not introduce them all at the same time.