Google removes Chrome Apps from Web Store, pushes to PWAs

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This extension enables you to install, view, and modify the Chrome Remote Desktop native client from the web UI.

Back in August 2016, Google had announced that it would remove apps section from Chrome Web Store across Windows, Mac and Linux platforms citing the reason that less than 1 percent of users were using them on the Chrome browser.

The blog post reads: "Chrome Apps will be removed from Chrome Web Store search & browse functions in mid-December 2017". Additional enhancements to the Chrome apps platform will apply only to Chrome OS devices, including kiosks. Google hasn't announced anything yet for Chrome OS, but it's likely that Chrome apps might go away, too. The Web Store will only have Extensions and Themes available for download starting Wednesday. Existing apps will continue to work and receive updates. Chromebooks are already capable of running some Android apps and apps on the Chrome browser would seem redundant.

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Google says it is "roughly targeting mid-2018" for PWA desktop apps.

If it sounds complicated, you can check out the Google Support documentation which takes you through setting up and using Chrome Remote Desktop on your Windows, Mac or Linux PC or Chromebook. An example of a PWA is a website that can display webpages in fullscreen. With the shutdown of Chrome Apps, Google is working to bring Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to the desktop. Because of this, other companies are jumping on the PWA bandwagon: it works on Samsung Android phones in the Samsung browser, Firefox on Android, and Opera on Android. ChromeStory has found the web portal for Chrome Remote Desktop at, where it appears to have options to both gain access to someone's device, or give access to your device to someone else for tech support. Microsoft already announced that it's bringing PWAs to Windows 10, while Apple is in early stages to bring it to the Safari web browser.