Call Of Duty WW2's Winter Siege Event Trailer And Details Unveiled

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Multiplayer also delivers a new approach to character and create-a-class through Divisions, War, an all-new narrative multiplayer mode of play, and Headquarters, a first of its kind for the Call of Duty social community, designed for players to interact and socialise with friends. That's four weeks of snow-flecked festivities in total, and participants can get a free Winter Siege Supply Drop every week of the event. Headquarters is getting a seasonal revamp too, with a visiting quartermaster along with new Supply Drops full of fresh cold-weather gear.

Sledgehammer Games have revealed new weapons, supply drops, gear and more will be coming to Call of Duty: WWII as part of the Winter Siege Event update.

Activision says that all players will have access to the Winter version of the Carentan Map during the event.

The "new" mode that will be introduced to the game is really an old favorite. It's not entirely clear whether significant changes have been made to it for this release.

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The Winter Siege event also winterizes Headquarters, with the beach encampment taking on a seasonally appropriate appearance for the span of the event, and welcoming an all-new Quartermaster, Captain Butcher. It will be one of the titles in the Double XP playlist during Winter Siege. These orders will offer players a new way to get a guaranteed new weapon variant. Some days, players won't have to do anything in order to receive a reward (other than login).

Look for the changes to arrive on December 8th when you log-in to Call of Duty WW2.

The Winter Siege Event begins at 10AM PT on Friday, December 8th and will be active until January 2nd at 10AM PT. Additional variants can be gained through Collection Bounties, or in Winter Siege Supply Drops.