Christmas Tree Shortage Is Because Of Demand, Says Local Grower

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AAA is reminding drivers who buy real Christmas trees to properly secure them when taking them home.

There are pros and cons to both kinds of Christmas trees, and which is best for you is a personal decision. However, Harry Yates of Yates Christmas Tree Farm of Boone and a member of the North Carolina Christmas Tree Association, says that while there is a tree shortage, it's not because of a reduction in the number of trees.

Christmas trees aren't the only thing local farms still have to offer. "Just like flowers that you have to cut the stems off, these Christmas trees sap over on the bottom, and it seals them up and so it won't draw water".

Home Depot will also be donating ornaments, tree stands and lights along with the trees. Even the hardiest and healthiest of trees can struggle to grow when planted in areas that are too shady, too wet, or too warm for them, so picking an appropriate variety is essential to success.

Essentially, Christmas tree syndrome means you're allergic to your Christmas tree, and it can cause hay fever-like symptoms such as watering eyes, an itchy nose, chest pains and coughing.

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Georgia is one of six states where the nonprofit works to distribute trees, partnering with social service agencies nationwide "that help us match deserving client families to our trees". Douglas Firs are definitely fuller, they're a attractive tree. North Carolina is the nation's second-largest Christmas tree exporter, after OR, producing more than 20 percent of the country's supply.

For minimal mess, artificial tree: "No matter what you do, there's going to be needles falling off a real tree", Chal Landgren, a professor in the department of horticulture at Oregon State University, told Consumer Reports. In addition to that, the trees can be a hazard for other drivers. Remember that a living Christmas tree is much heavier than a cut tree, and that although some people may be able to afford, display, and plant a rather large tree, buying a smaller one allows for more choices of location in the home, and makes it a lot easier to move around and eventually plant outdoors. "If you're buying a pre-cut tree, be sure to ask when it was harvested", noted THO. A 12 to 15-foot tree could take 15 years. Families gather together to decorate and see a tree come to life, cities even celebrate a tree lighting as a kick-off to holiday festivities.

For those who aren't so great with upkeep, artificial tree: A real tree can drink a gallon or more of water per day to start, according to THO, so to maintain one you'll need to be prepared to check the reservoir several times over the first few days and at least once a day after that, never letting the reservoir dry out.

Today, there is no denying that many households feel that their Christmas celebrations are incomplete without a Christmas tree. "And no one said you couldn't purchase more than one!"