Capcom brings Okami HD's Amaterasu to DOTA 2 via Steam Workshop

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If you'd like to ensure he makes it into the game you can vote via his Steam Workshop page here.

Amaterasu is a good dog. By default couriers take the form of donkeys but custom couriers have been a feature of Dota 2 for a long, long while.

Capcom has submitted an Amaterasu Courier for use in Dota 2 - and it looks like it will be added to the game. So far though, it looks as if Amaterasu's inclusion would be inevitable given the very positive response from participants of the poll campaign.

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With Okami HD, an fantastic remaster of a beloved PlayStation 2 classic, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC - it's no surprise that Amaterasu is back in the spotlight. She battles demons, defends ancient Japan and is a Sun Goddess.

It's understandable why people trying to reach a PC, video games or "nerd culture" centric audience might turn to DOTA 2.

Okami is a gorgeous game and the art style hasn't been lost in the transition to Dota. "Okami HD" is the remastered version of the well-loved PlayStation 2 classic, so the timing of the poll couldn't have been more flawless. Adult Swim Games brought over Rick & Morty character Mr. Meeseeks a few years ago. Apparently, killing a rival team's courier could grant the player's team with a significant amount of gold.