YouTube Pacts With Ticketmaster to Let Artists Sell US Concert Tickets

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In a blog, YouTube's music team wrote: "At YouTube, we understand the importance of helping artists find ways to build deeper connections with their fans - the ones who not only watch and listen to videos, but are also willing to pay to see live performances".

YouTube is now letting music artists sell tickets to US performances under a new partnership with Ticketmaster. It can be found underneath a music video's description on desktop or right under the video in the mobile app. YouTube also hinted that this is only the first of other planned features that are meant to further strengthen the connection between artists and their fans. The feature works in the standard YouTube app but not the YouTube Music app as of yet.

"We're just getting started".

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For now, only artists who have Ticketmaster shows in North America will show up, but this new feature has potential to expand more in the USA and globally. The company also hints this is the first of other planned features focused on artist-to-fan connections, but it didn't detail those plans. To view more or purchase, simply press "Tickets" to be directed to Ticketmaster's full website. If your favorite artist doesn't have shows listed, they're either not in the program yet or don't use Ticketmaster.

YouTube terms already barred "terrorists" from using the service, but the new policy keeps out videos uploaded by others that militants would likely distribute if they could have accounts, according to a YouTube spokesperson. The company did say back in June that it has 1.5 billion logged in viewers watching videos every single month.

The deal will see YouTube advertise concert listings within artist videos, and then push users over to Ticketmaster to make the transaction. The deal with Ticketmaster for its global roster of concerts is YouTube's initial partnership in the ticketing space, with the partnership allowing artists to sell verified tickets to their fans.