Three UCLA players could remain in China for week or two

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Riley, Hill and Ball were arrested on suspicion of shoplifting from three high-end stores in a shopping center next to the team's hotel in Hangzhou but were released on bail November 8.

The players were reportedly seen boarding a flight from Shanghai to Los Angeles late Tuesday.

UCLA beat Georgia Tech 63-60 without the three freshmen.

Trump spoke to reporters in the Philippines as he prepared to return to Washington after a almost two-week visit to Asia that included an earlier stop in Beijing. "We also want to acknowledge UCLA's significant efforts on behalf of their student-athletes". They will not take questions from the media, AP reported.

Their release comes shortly after President Donald Trump reached out to Chinese president Xi Jinping asking him to help resolve the players' legal cases.

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"President Xi has been terrific on that subject", Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One, bound for Honolulu following the conclusion of his 12-day trip to Asia. But a few days before the game, the players were accused of stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store near their hotel.

"What they did was unfortunate", Trump said. Since then, ESPN reported they have been confined to their hotel but allowed to venture across the street to get food.

The rest of the UCLA team returned to Los Angeles last Saturday without the three. Any discipline the players may face would be up to UCLA, AP reported. After being detained for a short time, it seems that the trio, which includes LiAngelo Ball, are headed back to the United States and the matter has been resolved.

Initial reports said the players were likely to stay in China for a week or two, and that they were facing up to 10 years in prison. "We're happy the young men from UCLA and Georgia Tech will have a chance to experience that and I'm sure that will leave an indelible mark".