Stove Top creates gut-friendly Thanksgiving dinner trousers

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They can stretch to almost two times their original size, so you can feel free to go for that second helping of mashed potatoes, or turkey, or the whole table really.

The food-focused holiday can be known to lead to overeating, despite the average stomach capacity being about 8 cups.

In a video that seems like a parody ad from "Saturday Night Live," the company trumpets the pants' stretchy waistband and leftover-appropriate pockets, all decorated with images of stuffing. "Family and friends will be envious of your level of comfort at the Thanksgiving table". Stove Top Stuffing has designed fashionable unisex pants-with an elastic waistband.

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Thanksgiving dinner is no place for jeans.

Part of a cheeky promotion from boxed stuffing-maker Stove Top, these Thanksgiving dinner trousers are unisex and they feature stunning stuffing graphics along the stretchy waistband, which can be pulled up all the way under your chest for a true Urkel effect.