NC a finalist for Toyota-Mazda vehicle plant

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Toyota's collaboration with Mazda goes beyond the shared plant.

Several states were in the running for the massive plant.

Toyota confirmed in August that the plans for the $1.6 billion joint auto factory will have an annual capacity of 300,000 units and create around 4,000 jobs for the area that is chosen.

Both Toyota and Mazda declined to comment to Bloomberg about the claims.

Even with the 10-digit incentive package demand, 15 states jumped at the chance to secure the new plant and its thousands of jobs, including the usual suspects: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Texas, Mississippi, Illinois and SC, which are already home to several auto plans.

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According to recent reports, the plant will be built in North Carolina or in Alabama.

Unsurprisingly, the price to land a new automotive plant is steep.

It is worth mentioning that Toyota and Mazda are investing in the construction of a production site of about 1.6 billion dollars, and object input in operation is planned for 2021.

"I think if it doesn't come, we've got a prime site, probably one of the best sites in North Carolina, that can attract an industry of some sort", said Liberty Mayor Filmore York. Mazda executive vice president Akira Marumoto told reporters that the automakers will announce a final decision on the plant location by early next year.

Along with the new factory, they will expand an existing product partnership that has Mazda now supplying the bigger Japanese maker with a compact sedan for the North American market.