Ben Affleck Won't Be Celebrating Thanksgiving Alone

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While it's probably safe to say that we're all unbelievably pumped for this weekend's release of the Justice League movie, it's interesting to note that some other DC trivia is being brought to light that's entirely separate from the big team-up flick.

Ben Affleck and J.J. Abrams added a star-studded trailer for a spoof superhero film to the list of surprises they gave Jimmy Kimmel Monday night to celebrate his 50th birthday.

When appearing on a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the current actor having the privilege of playing Batman somehow got on the topic of what life was like for him and his longtime friend/colleague Matt Damon much earlier in their careers. Batman's got one of the most impressive, deep rogue galleries in all of comics, and I think it's time more of them were given the love they deserve! Neither Affleck nor Damon got cast in the role, but as everyone remembers, Robin was nowhere to be found in the movie.

Naturally, Kimmel's nemesis, Matt Damon, portrayed the villain Dr. Bolt along with Wanda Sykes as his sidekick, The Bleach Master. While there's a degree of insincerity in the talk show news cycle, this bit seems truly sweet and genuine - you can tell by the the way that Kimmel hides his face and chuckles throughout Abrams' introduction of the comic book and the trailer that he didn't expect a gift of this magnitude.

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"We all suck", laments Damon's Mr Bolt towards the end of the trailer, before laying into Kimmel.

"Interesting thing about [Justice League], this movie shifted schedule, some actor availability dropped [.] and Star Wars pushed, I don't know if you know this, but created some additional availability. We were created by a weird, sad kid who grew to later become a weird, fat man. F-- Kimmel".

"My son, two weeks ago, said to me, 'Dad, there's one costume I want in the whole wide world".