12-year-old girl takes U.S. attorney general to court for cannabis

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"I would like to be able to visit my grandparents without risking being taken to a foster home", she said, speaking of how she was now unable to return to Texas due to federal drug laws.

Because marijuana is a "schedule one" drug, categorized with other drugs like heroin by the federal government, Alexis can't use her medication on federal property. The plaintiffs now include five people: 12-year-old Alexis Bortell, who uses cannabis oil to ward of life-threatening seizures, 6-year-old Jagger Cotte who is being treated for Leigh syndrome, former NFL Linebacker Marvin Washington who has also founded Isodiol Performance which makes cannabis-based products that help with head trauma. If she returned to Texas with her Cannatol Rx, Alexis' parents could potentially lose custody of her. Bortell's father, Dean Bortell, told KDVR he doesn't understand that logic. It's not compassionate either, but rationality? It has kept her seizure-free for 2.5 years.

The lawsuit hopes to help give all Americans the right to legal and medical marijuana.

Joining in on the suit with Alexis are plaintiffs Marvin Washington, a former National Football League lineman; Jose Belen, an Army veteran; and Jagger Cotte, a 6-year-old Georgia boy with Leigh syndrome, all of whom use medicinal cannabis.

A Colorado 12-year-old is taking U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, to court over the legalization of medical marijuana on a national scale.

"Whenever you sue the government, the deck is really stacked against you", he said.

Many states now allow use of marijuana for at least some medical reasons.

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A complaint filed in the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of NY in July says that Alexis ran the gamut of prescription pills, all of which failed to control her seizures before she was left with two options: brain surgery or cannabis. After assuming office as attorney general, he vowed to take measures to prosecute providers and users of medical marijuana with federal powers.

So far there is no federal proposal to fully legalize marijuana in Germany, as it seems that the general opinion of medical marijuana hasn't been very popular.

The sixth grader is given a drop of liquid THC in the morning and another at night. Let's go on and say that the marijuana treatment is better than opening up this little girl's brain.

"She just wants to be like everybody else".

Since Alexis has started taking cannabis oil, extracted from plants grown by her father over three acres of land, she has not had a single episode of epilepsy in over two years.

"We'll be able to be treated like what you call "normal" families", she said.