Kremlin dismisses reports Kaspersky Lab allegedly stole NASA data

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Russian Federation reportedly spied on the U.S. using popular antivirus software by Kaspersky Lab. Germany's cybersecurity agency said it has seen no reason to warn against using the program.

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Israeli intelligence officials spying on Russian government hackers found they were using Kaspersky software as a sort of Google search to find sensitive data stored by US government agencies and others.

"The BSI has no evidence for misconduct by the company or weaknesses in its software", the German intelligence agency said in an emailed statement to Reuters.

The Russian operatives were reportedly using a Kaspersky antivirus program, which is widely used to scan a computer for malicious files, as a quasi-search engine to scan for codenames of USA intelligence programs. This led to the decision last month for Kaspersky software removed from government computers by Washington. "The state neither had nor has any relation to this activity", the Kremlin spokesman told reporters, commenting on the rumor that NASA information had been stolen using Kaspersky Lab products.

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The Washington Post had also reported that the Israeli spies discovered hacking tools that could only originated from the U.S. National Security Agency in Kaspersky's network.

"Kaspersky Lab has never helped, nor will it help any government in the world in its cyberespionage efforts, and contrary to erroneous reports, Kaspersky Lab software does not contain any undeclared capabilities such as backdoors, as that would be illegal and unethical", the company said.

Eugene Kaspersky, a businessman and former Russian Defense Ministry official, founded Kaspersky Lab in 1997. "The company tracks more than 100 advanced persistent threat actors and operations, and for 20 years, Kaspersky Lab has been focused on protecting people and organizations from these cyber threats - its headquarters' location doesn't change that mission", the company explained.